February 19, 2018 - Institute Publishes Report from Its Legislative Workshop on the Governance of AI

Last month, the Institute convened one of our legislative workshops, bringing together Congressional staff and policy experts to analyze and refine a proposed legislative idea. The workshop focused on the governance of artificial intelligence (AI) -- in particular, how to strengthen the federal government's competence and consistency in addressing the many questions raised by AI.

Participants included individuals with expertise in the policy challenges and opportunities raised by AI; individuals who have managed federal government teams focused on technology; and individuals from private sector companies that interface with regulators and other government agencies on AI-related matters. 

Together, they debated:

(1)  challenges an AI-focused federal office or entity could potentially address;

(2)  whether a new federal office or entity is necessary to address those challenges, and if so, the appropriate structure of such an entity; and

(3)  other relevant considerations in determining appropriate federal structures for grappling with the questions raised by AI.

These workshops are one of our favorite ways to bring together diverse groups on pressing policy issues. A write-up of the report is now available here. Please read and share your thoughts!

Read the full report from the Georgetown Legislative Workshop on Strengthening AI Coordination and Competency Within the Federal Government here.