March 22, 2018 - Institute Announces New Collaboration with Vint Cerf Focused on Digital Preservation

The Institute is pleased to announce a new summer fellowship for 2018 that will focus on digital preservation. The fellowship is open to Georgetown students pursuing a law or other graduate degree. 

The fellowship project will focus on policy questions surrounding digital preservation: the growing technical challenge our society faces as old digital formats become redundant because of the rapid pace of technology. If you ever saved files on a floppy disk, and have thought about trying to access to them now, you've encountered the problems inherent in digital preservation. As files and programs become outdated, our digital information risks becoming impossible to reach. This threat of a "digital dark age" affects personal information, corporate information, and government records alike.

The summer fellowship will allow a Georgetown Law student to work closely with internet founder Vint Cerf and the Institute's team on translating ideas about digital preservation into practicable policy solutions. A rising 2L or 3L student will work for 10 weeks to conduct research, meet with relevant experts and government staff, produce written materials, and perform other
tasks as needed.

We're excited to launch this collaboration and contribute to this tough policy challenge. Interested eligible students should check out the job posting at 

Image showing computer hard drives