October 10, 2018 - Privacy Center Director Laura Moy Testifies at Senate Hearing on Data Privacy

On Wednesday October 10th, the Privacy Center’s Executive Director Laura Moy testified before the Senate Commerce Committee at a hearing on '“Consumer Data Privacy: Examining Lessons From the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.”

In her prepared remarks, Moy stated:

“It feels significant to come before this institution in such an electrically charged time, and it feels important to speak truth in that context. So I wanted to start by explaining why I am here.

I am not here today because I am worried about private information being made public. This is not, for me, just about the classic “right to be left alone.” This is about our country—and the world—grappling with the implications of unbridled data collection, storage, and use—things that give the holders and users of data more power to influence society than we could have imagined before the digital era.

This is about confronting the ways in which the data-driven economy is contributing to extreme wealth disparity, extreme political polarization, extreme race- and class-based tension, and extreme information manipulation. We need to come together to rein in the problematic ways in which Americans’ data is being collected and stored without meaningful limitations, and used in ways that harm not only individuals, but our broader society.”

She went on to give a series of thoughtful recommendations for approaches to consumer privacy, including thoughts on strong enforcement by a federal agency, the role of states attorneys general, the need for forward-looking, flexible approaches to regulation, and the notion that “baseline obligations should attach to all collections and uses of consumer data. And some applications for Americans’ data should simply be off-limits.”

You can read Laura’s full testimony here, view the hearing here, and follow @GeorgetownCPT for live tweets from the hearing.

Georgetown Privacy Center’s Laura Moy testifies before the Senate Commerce Committee

Georgetown Privacy Center’s Laura Moy testifies before the Senate Commerce Committee