February 23, 2018 - Institute Hosts Symposium on The Governance & Regulation of Information Platforms

We've wrapped our 2018 Symposium on The Governance & Regulation of Information Platforms! Video of the event will be posted on the event site by next Wednesday, February 28th.

You can read some conversation from the day on Twitter at #PlatformLaw. Articles will be published in the May edition of the Georgetown Law Technology Review.

View the event site here.

The symposium, cohosted with the Georgetown Law Technology Review, brought together leading academics and policy experts.  Panels explored:

  1. the roles platforms play as both subjects and sources of governance
  2. the roles platforms play—or might play—in structuring access to information and market
  3. the role platforms play—or might play—in amplifying or mitigating false information, harassment, and political and social polarization, and how they may mitigate those problems, and
  4. questions of algorithmic accountability.

The symposium featured Georgetown Law's Julie Cohen, Paul Ohm, Alexandra Givens alongside FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny, the Tech Institute's Distinguished Fellow Gigi Sohn, and a diverse range of thought leaders in the field.

Full details (and as of next Wednesday, video) are available at www.georgetowntech.org/platforms

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