April 27, 2017 - FTC COMMISSIONER TERRELL MCSWEENY (L'04) KEYNOTES as Georgetown Law & MIT Students Present Proposed Privacy Legislation

On Thursday April 27, law students from Georgetown Law and engineering students from MIT presented proposed privacy legislation to a distinguished panel of judges in the culmination of the Georgetown-MIT Practicum "Privacy Legislation: Law & Technology".  

The course, taught by Georgetown's David Vladeck and Alvaro Bedoya and MIT's Danny Weizner and Hal Abelson, brings together students from Georgetown Law and MIT to explore current issues in privacy policy and technology. Interdisciplinary teams, consisting of law students and MIT students, prepare a detailed legal assessment of policy questions and draft legislation to address the problem.

Thursday's presentation event began with an opening keynote by FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny (L'04).

Students then presented their proposals to a panel of judges featuring: 

  • Jay Edelson, Founder & CEO, Edelson PC; 
  • Alex MacGillivray, former Deputy Chief Technology Officer, The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy; former General Counsel, Twitter; 
  • Betsy Masiello, Communications & Public Policy, Uber; 
  • Maneesha Mithal, Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission; and
  • Michelle Richardson, Deputy Director, Freedom, Security & Technology Project, Center for Democracy & Technology.



Full bill text and explainers for each proposal are available here, along with further details about this unique course.  You can also check out the event's Twitter coverage here.  

  • Predictive Policing - The Suspicion-Enhancing Tools of Predictive Policing Systems (STOPPS) Act
  • Police Geolocation Tracking - The Geolocation Information Privacy Protection Act (GIPPA) Act
  • Fake News - Best Practices and Guidelines for Fake News Mitigation 
  • Commercial Face Recognition (Team A) - Commercial Face Recognition Act (CFRA) 
  • Commercial Face Recognition (Team B) - California Biometric Information Privacy Act (CalBIPA) 
  • Driver Privacy and Data Transparency - The Autonomous Vehicle Information Act (AVIA) 
  • Always-on in-home listening devices - The Always-On Device Data Protection Privacy Act of 2017 

For more information about this course and the exciting work being done by Georgetown's Center on Privacy & Technology, please contact the Center's Executive Director Alvaro Bedoya or Katie Evans, Associate.

FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny (L'04) kicks off the Georgetown-MIT Privacy Practicum at Georgetown Law, April 27, 2017.

FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny (L'04) kicks off the Georgetown-MIT Privacy Practicum at Georgetown Law, April 27, 2017.