Georgetown's Iron Tech Lawyer Competition 2018

Wednesday April 25th  
Georgetown Law | Gewirz Building, 12th Floor

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Congratulations to the winners of Iron Tech Lawyer 2018!


Winner, Iron Tech Lawyer
New Orleans Release Date Calculator

Excellence in Design
STAN: The SNAP and TANF Assistant of New Mexico

Social Media Award
The Florida Interpersonal Violence Help App 

2018 Student Apps

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Washington Referral App
The Washington Referral App provides advocates a portal that is both efficient and accurate in identifying service providers in Washington State. The app consists of three questions displayed on a single page and offers a tailored report based on a victim’s specific needs. 
Team Members: Shushi Hovannisian, Crystal Jen, Zachary Roman, Jesse Suh
Developed for: Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid

The Florida Interpersonal Violence Help App
The Florida Interpersonal Violence Help App helps users obtain legal relief for interpersonal violence (e.g., domestic or sexual abuse). The app determines what type of injunction users qualify for and helps users safely fill out necessary forms to file in court. 
Team Members: Deneen Azaula, Nathalie Dressie, Bomin Kim, Donalene Roberts
Developed for: Florida’s Office of the State Courts Administrator

Alaska Guardianship Annual Form & Expenses Tracker
The Alaska Guardianship and Conservatorship Annual Report App is a tool for guardians to quickly and easily fill out the annual report form all guardians are required to submit to  court. The Alaska Guardian and Conservatorship Report Expense Tracker is a tool for guardians to keep track of their financial expenditures related to the persons in their guardianship.
Team Members: Tombekai Dempster, Rachel Johns, Jody Karol, Sydney Reade
Developed for: Alaska Court System

STAN: The SNAP and TANF Assistant of New Mexico
STAN helps New Mexico families apply for SNAP (food) and TANF (cash) benefits by: (1) providing information about the programs and application process; (2) determining eligibility; and (3) creating a filled-out PDF of the Application with instructions on where and how to submit it.
Team Members: Mahin Aminian, Molly Hayssen, R. Susca, Emily Wells
Developed for: Law Access New Mexico

Equal Justice Wyoming Eligibility Advisor
Our application asks users a series of questions to determine whether they qualify for income-based legal aid before directing them to the appropriate service provider based on their legal issue and location.
Team Members: Samuel Bolam, Valerie Cantave, Christopher Ibrahim, Jordan Thompson
Developed for: Equal Justice Wyoming

New Orleans Release Date Calculator
This application helps attorneys and family members calculate when clients and relatives will be eligible for release, and helps keep track of prisoners detained past their release date.
Team Members: Summer Danzeisen, Coimbra Jackson, Luc Nguyen, Rob Van Someren Greve
Developed for: New Orleans Public Defenders

*Please note these apps are student projects that have not yet been approved for use by the public. 

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