2015 winners

Winner, Iron Tech Lawyer
Disaster Assistance & Recovery Tool (DART)

Excellence in Design
Transnational Anti-Corruption Advisor

Social Media Award

2015 Student Apps

Michael Lee, Sim Singh, Stephen Damato, and Pralika Jain
Developed for the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

Alaskan Native Child Welfare Assistance App
Reece Flexner, Bowman Givhan, and Jimmy McNamara
Developed in consultation with Jonathan Fork, Attorney at Alaska Legal Services Corporation

California Legal Advisor
Matthew Weingast, Sarah Berger, and Andrew Pegues
Developed for the Legal Aid Association of California and Pro Bono Net

Disaster Assistance &Recovery Tool (DART)
Salsa Ahmed, Christina Costa, and Kyung Hun Kim
Developed for Lone Star Legal Aid, in collaboration with Pro Bono Net

Transnational Anti-Corruption Advisor
John Gavin, Tariq Javed, and Beth Palkovic
Developed for Advocates for International Development: Lawyers Eradicating Poverty ("A4ID")

Veterans Disability Benefits Advisor
Jarrett Schindler, Noorjahan Rahman, and Zacharias Zacharia
Developed for the Bob Parson Veterans Advocacy Clinic at the University of Baltimore School of Law

*Please note the apps above are student projects that have not yet been approved for use by the public. 


David Curle, Director of Strategic Competitive Intelligence at Thomson Reuters Legal.

Rebecca Sandefur, Associate Professor of Sociology and Law at the University of Illinois and a Faculty fellow at the American Bar Foundation.

William M. Treanor, Executive Vice President and Dean of Georgetown University Law Center.